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North Brooklyn Farms


As a NYC elected official -- but also, as a concerned member of our society -- it is my obligation to think creatively about ways we can protect our environment, which is why I am proud to have received the Sane Energy Project stamp of approval and a 100% score in the New York League of Conservation Voters (NYCLV) environmental scorecard for supporting significant environmental legislation

Climate change is real and environmental sustainability must be our top priority. In the past few years we have seen record high temperatures and a slow decrease in the burning of fossil fuels.

Given recent national events, especially the disavowal of climate change by the White House, it is essential that local municipalities act independently to safeguard our environment, which is why I have prioritized proactive environmental strategies as a key component of my policy agenda. Upcoming initiatives include:

  • Create regulation that will help promote urban agriculture in our city as an opportunity to inspire local self sufficiency and a reduced reliance on processed foods or transported agriculture, while adding greenery to cities, reducing harmful runoff, and increasing shading.

  • Pushing legislation that will require green or solar roofs on new construction developments in the city to further green our city’s infrastructure.

  • Crafting legislation that will facilitate the creation of energy micro-grids around the city to allow for homeowners to create and sell their own local solar energy. It will bolster the local economy and reduce dependence on fossil fuels from major utility companies.

  • Urge for the MTA and the city to switch fossil fueled run vehicles to electric. 

I look forward to enacting legislation and spearheading proactive programs that will use local solutions to enable long-term environmental and economic sustainability for our communities.

If you believe this is a step in the right direction, please add your name to our list