A City For Everyone

Growing up in Brooklyn, I remember a time when housing was affordable and homeownership was attainable to those who strove for the American Dream. Small businesses anchored many of our communities and manufacturing jobs existed for the unemployed.

This was also a time where our neighborhoods struggled because of decades of disinvestment by our city and state governments. Our schools, parks, and overall infrastructure crumbled, the manufacturing industry declined, jobs were lost and crime was at an all time high. 

Our City is now at the height of its popularity and being recognized as one the most expensive cities to live in the country. We are now seeing great displacement and record levels of unaffordability for residents across the city. Those of us who stuck it out through the bad times are being squeezed out through the good times.

We are at a crossroads. The future of our communities is at risk of becoming even more out of reach for New Yorkers. The city must make investments to create good paying jobs and affordable housing. We must encourage diversity and protect our middle class and working class families from being pushed out, while helping low income New Yorkers get on track to living the American Dream.

I will continue to fight for equal and fairer communities, but I need your support


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